An introduction to Haitian Creole

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Yon achiv lengwis Vedrine anlè kreyòl ayisyen. Se yon leson pou moun ki ap koumanse aprann kreyòl.

An introduction to Haitian Creole
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Otè dokiman sa : Emmanuel Vedrine
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Lyen:An introduction to Haitian creole
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It was a pleasure when I met the PROJECT HOPE team in 1997, a group of
young American missionaries (both men and women) who were going to
Haiti for a week to work with children. Bill Henson, leader of the group,
established contact through a Haitian friends, Edrice Milor, in order to give
them a Kreyòl tutor. Bill contacted me many times. Finally, I scheduled a
meeting with him in Harvard Square (June 29, 1997) where he picked me up
to go and meet the group in Lexington, Massachusetts. We spend 5 hours
together at Grace Chapel in a classroom, working. The students collaborated
a great deal in this lesson where they came up with many phrases in English
that they need to know in Kreyòl to be used with Haitians and particularly in
their project’s extension, “Hope for the children of Haiti”. It’s a group of
young people in their 20’s who have already shown dynamism to go and
work with children in Haiti and with staff in the project. Among their work,
they will be teaching English also during two weeks. I hope that their contact
with Haitian youth will bring a lot of success in order for this seed to
multiply in the future.

                               (E. W. Védrine)